Team: Freelance
When: 2017
Role: Designer

I worked with GOVX to help rethink and redesign their current shopping experience for events and tickets. GOVX is an amazing marketplace to give veterans and those in the military a discount on everyday products from shoes to my personal favorite, Disneyland tickets! Their current solution was clunky because of the way they pull in their event API. Now you will be able to search for various different tickets, events up front to the user. No more having to go back and forth between other sites. 


States and scalability

When working through the different user flows. We noticed that some may want tickets for baseball games which are listed based on time where as Disneyland tickets aren't timed based at all. Others also have discounts that are exclusive tied to their account based on their permissions. We came up with this solution of making a dynamic card pattern which would solve all cases of events. Some information would come and go depending on the event type, but they all would have a consistent look and feel to their experience.

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