Microsoft D365 Talent TRM feature

Team: C+AI Design studio
When: 2018 - 2019
Role: Product designer

Before starting on the project I first sat down with the engineering and PM team to outline our user objectives, business needs, success criteria and user journey.

This is the start of our entry review process to double down on the task at hand and align from all members of the team. This also works as an anchor in the process as it can be used as source material to always come back to if needed.

Here are some examples of our in-meeting session outcomes to our entry reviews for a feature called TRM.



After identifying the core functions and needs of the ask. We then started exploring where this interface would live and how the recruiter would interact with it.


Outlining states/interactions

Now we are able to start looking at different states and types of entities we will be allowing the recruiter to track. Items like, phone calls, emails, texts, and notes. All core essential in keeping up to date information about their potential candidates.


Time for testing

I think built out a quick user flow to test with our researchers to validate not only the items they would want to capture but the location of the TRM UI itself.

Findings: we quickly found that the location was wrong. your research found that people wanted this to be on its own pages as the frequency of a recruiter using this on a daily bases was high. Also, this would allow us to grow this UI into an activity style feed later in the product evolution.


Using feedback

Given our findings, we went back to the design board and start ed to fix those issues. Things like the location of the UI itself. Also people wanted to add attachments in their notes when writing about a candidate. They also wanted to be able to edit their notes. One neat idea was that we would carry over the Outlook charm UX and if they wrote something about a specific item, we could match the icon to their notes. EX: “Candidate mentioned they had a dog and is open to relocation”, we could then change the icon to a dog or a location pin so that it would lend to easy scannability later in the candidates feed.


Future exploration

Another exploration was this idea of pulling in some Office UX and would be neat if we could add the activity column (like ) has so that when multiple recruiters are submitting notes about candidates the team could see what has been the latest on each person.

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