Team: Freelance
When: 2018
Role: Product designer

Thirstday is a social application that is molded around popular drinks near you. Whether you are just getting off work and are looking for the closest happy hour or its Friday date night. I designed this app to be a simple yet visual pleasing application that puts the focus on the locations, names and photos. I was involved in the entire process of this application from idea stage, sketching, wire framing, visuals and the UX. Along with the help of a good friend that is running the PM side.



After the initial design phase was complete, we noticed there was a big digital loop experience missing. I did some UX research on other social platforms. After some time we decided that the best way to keep people engaging with the app was to have some type of reward system. Things like profile setup, friends, checking in, etc. We also thought this was a great way to entice bars to start adding free drink vouchers and experiences.


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