Team: Freelance
When: 2019
Role: Branding and product designer

GOVSD was a new company looking to provide a service desk solution for public requests. They needed to create two sides of the product. One being customer-facing in which anyone could submit a request as well as explore their current requests for statuses. They also needed an internal tool where they could manage and complete those requests. Throughout the process, we noticed that the external site needed to be a simple one-two step, whereas the internal tool needed to be able to handle all sorts of requests made. Some of the features we included inside the internal tool; a swim lane board, attachments, commenting, contacting the requester, and then moving it through the process up to get handed off to the next person to resolve as well as an approval process.


Because of the various requests that would be made, we had to build a robust internal system to handle all various degrees of requests. I love how challenging this project was because we had to make the external view of the process extremely light and simple for everyone to understand but the internal tool had to be complex and well built to flow the workers through various steps to completion.

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